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組合 (ギルド)




Francis F.


Louisa M.
John S. (remnant)
Mark T. (former)
Lovecraft (former)
Lucy M. (former)
Margaret M. (former)
Nathaniel H. (former)
Herman M. (former)
Poe (former)

Base of Operations

America (former)
Yokohama, Japan


Chapter 12


Episode 12

The Guild (組合, (ギルド) Girudo?) is an American organization lead by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, and also a Secret Society.[1]

Influence and Authority

According to Ango Sakaguchi, their influence is not limited within North America. They are even capable of eating their way into the very heart of Japan. The Members have been granted a Diplomat's level of Authority in by the means of pressuring the government through Diplomacy. They enjoy extra-territorial rights, even the Japanese law enforcement can't hold them in custody.[2]


Each Member has an identity of their own outside the organization. Many of whom hold very senior positions in the government and major corporations.[3]After the War, The Guild split into two different groups, The Guild itself leaded by Fitzgerald and the Remnants of The Guild leaded by Steinbeck. Since Steinbeck is looking for revenge against Fitzgerald, the groups are opposed to each other.

Known Members

Remnants of The Guild

Former Members


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