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Ryūrō Hirotsu

Ryurou pro



広津 柳浪


Hirotsu Ryūrō


Gramps (by Tachihara)
Hiroshi (by Elise)

Personal Information





July 15 (Cancer)


178 cm


66 kg









Professional Information

Commander of "Black Lizard"


Port Mafia

Ability Name

Falling Camellia


Chapter 5


Episode 4

Voice Actors

Atsushi Ono

Ryūrō Hirotsu (広津 柳浪, Hirotsu Ryūrō?) is a member of the Port Mafia and commander of the Black Lizard.


Hirotsu is a middle-aged man with grey, swept-back hair,a moustache, and a short beard ending in a spike. His eyes are violet, with a monocle over his right eye, secured by a gold chain.

He dons a long, black coat over a white dress shirt with a black bow - his pants and shoes being the same color. Over the coat, he wears a dirt-brown scarf that's nearly the same length as his coat.

A chain smoker, Hirotsu always has cigarettes on his person.


A veteran mafioso, Hirotsu maintains a stoic, calm demeanour, often speaking with a certain degree of respect and formality towards even his opponents and targets. However, Hirotsu's brutality, beguiled by his composure, hasn't waned despite his age.

Befitting of the Port Mafia's higher ranks, Hirotsu's a ruthless and dangerous individual, and won't hesitate to kill in order to further their gains. Furthermore, he isn't above mocking others before killing them, sometimes with a smile. His experience in the Port Mafia leaves him particularly seasoned in its expectations of him and others, and as such expects diligence and promptness out of his subordinates. Otherwise, he has no qualms threatening their lives to keep them in line, especially when it comes to Gin Akutagawa and Michizō Tachihara's quarrels.[1]

Hirotsu's nonchalance towards the Port Mafia's violent ways goes as far as his smoking habits, as he claims a cigarette always tastes best after "a job well done".[2]

That said, Hirotsu takes his role and duty to the Port Mafia seriously. He values loyalty and ambition, specifically in Higuchi's case, when she insisted to save Ryunosuke Akutagawa from a rival organisation. Although initially ridiculing her impulsive behaviour, he respected her initiative and sense of duty, thus partaking in the rescue mission alongside Gin and Tachihara.

He later confronts Ōgai Mori about the conspiracy behind the former Boss' death. Despite Mori's defensive response, Hirotsu confides in Mori that the predecessor's murder was for the best, otherwise he would've turned Yokohama into a blood bath, dragging Port Mafia down with it.


His ability, Falling Camellia (落椿, Ochi Tsubaki?), causes things that he touches to fly backwards with immense force.

It has been shown that his ability is powerful enough to stop and bend steel pipes with just a touch. When used on a human body, besides launching it, it can even cause the bones to break.


Hirotsu's been in the Port Mafia since before its previous Boss died. Hirotsu was 42 at the time of the new Boss' ascension.


Armed Detective Agency. vs Port Mafia Arc

Hirotsu Debut

Hirotsu' debut.

Inside a warehouse, Hirotsu awaits the arrival of his subordinates.[3] When they arrive, Hirotsu uses his ability on a metal door, the force sending the door flying. This startles a group of cargo men carrying unknown, heavy loads., whom Hirotsu politely greet, apologising for "interrupting their work". The cargo men demand to know who he is, to which Hirotsu explains that the Port Mafia's heard rumours of their stolen goods being sold to the black market, said to take place in the warehouse, and is now "searching for evidence". When he attempts to do so, one of the men attack with a steel pipe.

Hirotsu's Ability

Hirotsu's Falling Camellia forces the metal pipe to bend.

Hirotsu stops the attack with ease, the force of his ability sends the man flying backwards. Hirotsu takes the aggression as evidence. He approaches the man, who is shocked that the pipe is bent, asking if it's the first time he's seen an ability. Hirotsu promptly kills him, his body twisting and breaking right before the group's eyes.[4] Lighting a cigarette, Hirotsu orders his subordinates to kill them all. Amidst the carnage of gunfire and death, Hirotsu nonchalantly comments how there's nothing like a cigaretteette after a "job well done". The mafiosi then explode any remaining evidence in the warehouse.

Hirotsu Threatening Gin and Tachihara

Hirotsu threatens Gin and Tachihara.

Soon afterwards, Hirotsu arrives at a rendezvous with Michizō Tachihara, scolding him for being two minutes late, and soon after Gin Akutagawa. The two battalion leaders instantly get into a fight. Hirotsu orders them to cease, threatening to punish them with Falling Camellia.[1] Aware of the severity of his ability, both Tachihara and Gin cease. Ichiyō Higuchi contacts them, and Hirotsu confirms they are ready for their mission. He's surprised to hear that their target is the Armed Detective Agency instead of the mantiger, but knows n

Black Lizard

Black Lizard.

ot to leave any survivors.[5]

Black Lizard arrives at the Agency's headquarters, poised for an assault. With a snap of Hirotsu's fingers, mafiosi bust the door open, shooting a barrage of bullets at the shocked detectives. Black Lizard proceeds to make their move and attack.[6]

Kunikida and Hirotsu

Kunikida subdues Hirotsu.

Despite having the element of surprise and sheer manpower, Black Lizard is overwhelmed by the Agency. Doppo Kunikida subdues Hirotsu .[7]
Some few days later, Hirotsu and Black Lizard approach Higuchi. Hirotsu warns Higuchi to watch her step. With Akutagawa severely injured, the guerrilla squad has no real reason to obey Higuchi, as no one fears her as they do Akutagawa. He questions if Higuchi can earn Black Lizard's respect.[8] When Higuchi insists on an unplanned solo mission to save Akutagawa from a rival group, Hirotsu urges Higuchi not to do so, as she's going behind Mori's back. Higuchi argues she can't stand around and do nothing.

Hirotsu helps Higuchi

Hirotsu helps rescue Akutagawa.

Impressed by Higuchi's initiative, Hirotsu and the rest of Black Lizard later show up to help her save Akutagawa. Hirotsu comments that it's only natural for youngsters to be impulsive, mentioning that he acted out a great deal in his own youth. He explains to Higuchi that, as her subordinates, they too cannot stand by the sidelines when she's in danger.[9]

The Guild Arc

During the Port Mafia's meeting with the Agency, Hirotsu and Black Lizard accompany Mori as bodyguards. Here, Hirotsu learns from Osamu Dazai that Mori murdered the former Boss. After the meeting, Hirotsu meets Mori in his bedroom, assuring Mori all their forces are in position for the counterattack against the Guild. He discusses the former Boss' instability and tyrannical leadership, quickly running Yokohama and the Port MAfia through the ground, and mutters under his breath the possibility of Mori never taking over. When Mori responds defensively, Hirotsu acknowledges that even Dazai must understand why Mori murdered the former Boss - as a result, he assures Mori he understands his reasoning.[10]

After the Guild's defeat, Hirotsu meets with Dazai at a museum, noting one needs to be a certain age to understand the arts. The two reminiscence, with Hirotsu bringing up an incident of Dazai drawing a grotesque self-portrait in the executives' room that terrified Elise.[11]

Dazai and Hirotsu

Hirotsu meets with Dazai.

Dazai praises Hirotsu's assistance. It's revealed that Hirotsu leaked the Moby Dick infiltration tactic to Higuchi upon Dazai's request - inevitably, this led to Higuchi informing Akutagawa, hence his involvement. Hirotsu asks why Dazai wanted Akutagawa to work with Atsushi. Hearing Dazai's detailed answer, Hirotsu wonders how long Dazai's been formulating this "new Twin Dark".[11]


  • His unit, Black Lizard, refers to another piece of literature by his respective author counterpart. Funny enough, 'Black Lizard' is the alias of a character in a mystery work by Ranpo Edogawa.
  • The painting Hirotsu and Dazai sit in front of is "Landscape", a painting by the author Osamu Dazai.


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