Motojirō Kajii

Kajii Motojirou pro

Kaji anime




Kajī Motojirō

Personal Information





February 17 (Aquarius)


180 cm (5'10")


63 kg






Lemons, bombs, science, Opera, alcohol


Traffic, Jazz music

Professional Information

Mafia Member


Port Mafia

Ability Name

Lemon Bomb




Chapter 7


Episode 8

Voice Actors

Wataru Hatano


Brian Palermo

Motojirō Kajii (梶井 基次郎, Kajii Motojirō?) is a member of Port Mafia and has the ability Lemon Bomb.


Kajii has a tall, slim build and short brown hair with bangs cut at an equal length across his forehead. His eyes are covered by orange goggles. He dons a worn out, white lab coat over a white button-down wrapped with a loose brown belt-like accessory. His coat has many pins, two on the left - one slightly larger yellow one with a face and a smaller black on with a red "X" . On the right is an orange pin with an exclamation point, with metallic (bobby?) pins underneath. He also wears worn out, blue pants, a green scarf, and Geta (traditional Japanese wooden footwear).


Much like his lemon bombs, Kajii’s personality can easily be described as explosive. Kajii is an eccentric, obnoxious, arrogant man with a passion for science and an obsession with the shape of lemons. It is also heavily implied that he is religious, as evidenced by how he explains to Yosano upon first meeting her that both God and death exist but that neither of them can be overcome by science (chapter 7) as well as several statements that he makes during his confrontation with Margaret Mitchell and Nathaniel Hawthorne regarding God or the “admiral of the Universe” (chapter 20).


His ability, Lemon Bomb (檸檬爆弾, Remonēdo?), prevents him from being harmed by any lemon-shaped bombs, which he makes himself.


Little is known about Kajii’s past, but according to Yosano, he is a wanted terrorist bomber who is most well-known for blowing up the Maruzen Building and killing 28 ordinary civilians.


Kajii first appears in chapters 7 and 8 (episode 8 in the anime), where he performs a joint mission with Kyouka in order to try and force Atsushi into surrender. Kajii’s explosives serve as a rather violent distraction from the most dangerous bomb, which is strapped to Kyouka’s chest. Yosano sends Atsushi to search the back of the train while she heads to the front, where Kajii is located. Yosano confronts Kajii, and he uses his lemon bombs to attack her. After incapacitating her, he leaves her in a train car full of his lemon bombs in an attempt to kill her. However, when he comes back, Yosano attacks him. He sees that she is completely unharmed despite the explosions, and she explains her Ability to him. Finally, Yosano ends up “dissecting” him and then using her Ability to heal him while Atsushi continues his own battle with Kyouka.

Kajii makes a brief appearance in chapter 16 (episode 12), but does not become relevant to the plot again until chapter 20 (episode 18). Mori sends him and Akutagawa to attack the Guild’s ship, the “Zelda,” along with Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Mitchell. Kajii allows himself to be captured at first, playing the role of a meek mafioso who was no threat at all to the ship or the Guild’s operatives. Hawthorne used his Ability to attack Kajii, then scoffed at Kajii’s Ability, which he believed to be the lemon bombs themselves. Hawthorne tossed one of the bombs at Kajii and turned away as it exploded, believing Kajii to be dead. To the surprise of both Hawthorne and Mitchell, though, Kajii escaped from the explosion unharmed. He then explained his Ability to them before detonating explosives on a crate carried by a helicopter, and lemon bombs rained down upon the ship, forcing Hawthorne and Mitchell to evacuate while the ship was blown up.

He disappears again until chapter 49, where he greets the ADA agents who are attempting to storm the Port Mafia headquarters. He steps out of the headquarters with lemon bombs strapped to his chest, carrying two briefcases, and raves about how he had forgotten to put on underwear that day. He sets off a “catwalk” of lemon bombs and forced the ADA to retreat.

His most recent appearance is in chapter 51.3, where he assists in the capture of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.


  • “The pinnacle of science is ‘God’ and ‘Death!’ Both exist in actuality, but neither can be overcome by science, which makes them all the more enthralling!”
  • (To Yosano Akiko) “Well then, what color will your death be, my lady?”
  • (To Nathaniel Hawthorne) “To you clergymen, your job may just be ‘to believe.’ But science is all about being perpetually dubious!”
  • “I’ve been up three nights in a row so into my research that in the end, I forgot to wear underwear!”


  • He along with several other characters appeared in the mobile game Love Heaven as a limited time character.