Gin Akutagawa







Personal Information



Ryunosuke Akutagawa (brother)



Professional Information

Commander of "Black Lizard" (reptilian brotherhood)


Port Mafia

Ability Name



Chapter 5


Episode 4

Voice Actors

Shiina Natsukawa

Gin (銀, Gin?) is a member of the Port Mafia and working under the Black Lizard team as one of the Commanders.


Generally, Gin is seen dressed in an outfit comprising of a long, flared black cloak with a hood; the right sleeve is extended while the left sleeve is cut off. She wears a gray inner shirt, dark pants, and black shoes. Her hair is tied up into a spiky bun with a few loose strands left along the left side of her face. In addition, she also wears a black choker and a white mask that covers the lower part of her face.

When dressed casually, she is seen with waist-length hair and has been described as a beautiful young girl. She also wears more feminine clothes.


As an assassin, Gin is silent and stealthy, described by Hirotsu as being able to sneak behind someone and slash their throats in an instant. This was demonstrated when she snuck behind Higuchi and put a knife to her throat before she could notice. Gin is also loyal to the Mafia and is not below going head to head with someone who goes against orders, as seen when she provoked Tachihara for trying to carry out plans to attack the Armed Detective Agency in his own way.

Despite her cold personality, she blushes easily when embarrassed such as when Dazai mentioned how she was a "dainty little girl" when she was younger and when Higuchi saw her in her civilian clothes. She is also noted to have a very cute voice.


Gin possesses no ability, but she is a skillful assassin. She is able to move fast, yet silently.


She and her brother Ryunosuke Akutagawa were orphans and used to live in the slums along with about 8 other kids. The other children happened to overhear a conversation regarding the time and location of a shipment the Port Mafia were supposed to deliver to subordinates. The men knew about this and sought out the children, beating everyone but Gin and Ryunosuke, who managed to escape, to death[1].


Together with Tachihara Michizou and Ryurou Hirotsu, they raided the Armed Detective Company as part of the Port Mafia's effort on chasing down Atsushi Nakajima, to hand over to the Guild in exchange for a massive reward.

During the three-way war between the Port Mafia, the Armed Detective Company and The Guild, she was sent along with Ichiyou Higuchi "for Dazai's protection", after Ougai Mori released Yumeno Kyusaku from confinement. Later, during Ougai Mori and Yukichi Fukuzawa's secret meeting, she—along with the other Black Lizard commanders—was also part of Mori's escort detail.


  • It is clearly shown that Higuchi thought that Gin is a male, judging from her appearance. It is later revealed by Dazai that Gin is a girl and has a cute voice.
  • Higuchi mistakenly thought that she was Akutagawa's lover one time, when Higuchi saw a casually dressed Gin meeting up with Akutagawa.
  • Gin's name is likely a reference from Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's work titled "Ogin"


  1. A Heartless Dog

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