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Ougai Mori (Caretaker)
Sees the whole Mafia as her family




Drawing, desserts

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Mafia member


Port Mafia


The Dancing Girl


Chapter 15


Episode 11 (cameo)

Light Novel

Dazai Osamu and The Dark Era

Voice Actors

Sora Amamiya

Elise (エリス, Erisu?) is an affiliate of the Port Mafia and closely related to Mori Ougai.



Elise going after Fyodor after Mori had been stabbed.

Elise is a young girl of short stature, with blond curls, straight-cut bangs, and a bow on the top of her head. She wears a red dress with white frills,a pair of black and dark grey striped stockings, and dons a pink bow around her collar.

While usually shown as having blue eyes, in chapter 46, we see that Elise can exhibit reptilian-like eyes.


Elise appears to have a nonchalance about everything, while also having some sadistic tendencies. This is shown when she tells Ougai Mori that she purposefully disappeared to make him worry in chapter 16. She continues to exhibit this behavior as she sits eating desserts while Mori talks about killing the director of the Detective Agency.

It is later known that Elise's behavior is a result of Mori's desires. If Mori wants Elise to be mad at him then, Elise will be mad at him.


Elise, though not having an ability herself, is Mori Ougai's ability. Thanks to him, she is capable of flight, and can run at high speeds. As shown in chapter 50, Elise is also able to create weapons (like flying syringes). This may be a hint that Vita Sexualis (Mori's ability) is an ability that forms a being or a thing he desires.


Elise is shown to be a part of Mori's ability in chapter 46, and she claims to hate that Mori is "the one who always gets to set the scene."


Elise is first seen in chapter 14 with Mori as he speaks to Ichiyou Higuchi about her failed attack on the mafia.

In chapter 15, Elise is shown as the small girl Mori Ougai is looking for. After Mori and the others were released from Lucy Maud Montgomery's ability, he was reunited with Elise, and she greeted him saying that she ran away just to worry him and to make him cry.

She is later shown in chapter 46 shopping with Mori. In this chapter, we learn that she is a figment of Mori's ability, Vitas Sexualis. She seems to be angry at Mori due to the fact that he "manipulated" her into saving him. Later in this chapter, after Mori is stabbed by a disguised Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Elise speeds after him, displaying large reptilian-like eyes and being able to levitate.


  • Elise is a German dancing girl - a character from Maihime (The Dancing Girl), a short story written by Mori Ougai.
    • This could imply that she practices dancing too.
  • As seen in episode 13, Elise does not seem to age. She has not changed in appearance since 4 years prior to the current timeline, when Dazai was still affiliated with the Port Mafia.

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