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Doppo Kunikida

Kunikida Doppo full

Kunikida anime


國木田 獨歩


Kunikida Doppo

Personal Information





August 30 (Virgo)


189 cm (6'2")


78 kg






Notebook, fishing, lightly roasted bonito


Unplanned things, authority

Professional Information

Math Teacher (formerly)
Interim Director (as of chapter 47)


Armed Detective Company

Ability Name

Lone Poet


Doppo Gin


Chapter 1


Episode 1

Light Novel

Osamu Dazai and the Entrance Exam

Voice Actors

Yoshimasa Hosoya


Patrick Seitz

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Doppo Kunikida (國木田 獨歩, Kunikida Doppo?) is a member of the Armed Detective Company.


Kunikida is a tall and slim young man with dirty blonde hair and deep, green-grey eyes. His bangs are parted to the right and has rather neat, but spiky hair that ends in a long ponytail. He is always seen wearing his glasses.

His attire consists of a beige vest over a black long-sleeved dress shirt, a red ribbon tied into a bow around the collar, beige pants and plain brown shoes.


As a member of the Armed Detective Company, Kunikida is very professional and diligent when it comes to his job because to him, the reputation of the agency takes precedence over anything else. He constantly feels the need to organize, gather, and schedule every bit of detail, which is why he may come off as somewhat too strict and harsh during investigations.

He can also be seen as practical to a fault, as he almost considered abandoning a kidnapped Atsushi because the boy's presence might implicate the agency. Despite this, Kunikida is nonetheless a trustworthy and loyal detective that many in the agency rely on because of his authoritative capability and responsible nature.

He is almost never seen without his trademark notebook, which he believes to be an "ideal" and guide to life. He utilizes its function for several reasons, such as data-gathering, planning, making the world a better place, and most importantly, a medium for his ability, Doppo Poet.

While depicting a calm and careful front, Kunikida is also known for his exasperated outbursts, which is primarily caused by his partner, Dazai, who constantly vexes him with his suicidal attempts.

He is also uncharacteristically naive and is prone to easily believe Dazai's lies, which he later jots down in his notebook for future reference.

Kunikida values human lives, as he strives to save all innocent people during dangerous events in Yokohama. He sticks to this belief after seeing incidents of youth injured or killed in front of him. Due to his dedicated compassion to try to protect the city and its people, Ranpo believes he is the strongest and most virtous person in the agency.


His ability, Doppo Poet (独歩吟客 Doppo Ginkaku?, literally "Lone Poet"), makes objects written on the papers of his notebook come into existence. However, it does not work on objects larger than the notebook. Such objects include wireguns, hand guns, grenades and flash bangs.
Lone Poet 1

Kunikida pulls a page from his notebook, activating the ability.

Lone Poet 2

Lone Poet manifests a wire gun, Kunikida's main go-to.

He is shown to be able to use pre-written notes as a means for his object summons, which can be especially convenient if one of his hands is bound and incapacitated. Also, he is able to remotely activate his ability, transforming those pre-written notes into objects, which could come in handy when supporting other members from afar[1].

Nevertheless, his ability possesses a greater flaw, since the pages of his notebook are limited and getting a new one is expensive.



In Chapter 3, when Atsushi is guessing everyone's previous occupations before they joined the Armed Detective Company, it is revealed that Kunikida had previously worked as a math teacher. In Episode 6 & Episode 7, Dazai stole his Ideal and showed Kunikida's ideal woman to Atsushi Nakajima and Sasaki Nobuko, a woman they rescued from Episode 6. They also had the same reaction, saying that his ideal woman has gone a bit too far. Sadly, his ideal woman wasn't stated/shown so it remains unknown to the viewers. He also looks out for a boy named Rokuzou, a hacker, because he felt guilty by his father's death. The story is, he tracked down the Azure King's hideout and 5 detectives came to the said place, since the military, police, etc. were busy. The said terrorist soon committed suicide by blowing up his own hideout with the detectives as he was cornered. One of the detectives was Rokuzou's father, thus, Kunikida felt the need of looking out for him as a dad.


  • "Just what is an 'ideal'? (...) ... if you ask me, the answer is clear. It is a word written on the cover of my notebook. My notebook is omnipotent. It guides me as a principle, as a master, as a prophet. At times, it becomes a weapon and also a key."


  • Kunikida, along with several other characters, appeared in the mobile game Love Heaven as a limited time character.
  • He used to work as an algebra lecturer twice a week as his side job[2].
  • His conditions for an ideal partner total to 58


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