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Decay of Angels
Decay of angels
Company Information

Tennin Gosui




Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Nikolai Gogol, Three Unknown

Base of Operations

Yokohama, Japan


Chapter 57

Decay of Angels (天人五衰, Tennin Gosui?) is a terrorist organisation consisting of five members, including Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Nikolai Gogol.[1]They 'specialise' in being a 'murder association'. Although few in number, its members all have powerful, threatening abilities.


Nikolai Gogol tells Mushitarō Oguri that the Decay of Angels is a terrorist organisation that had long since hidden in Japan, operating as a 'murder association'. He murders the cab driver and captures Oguri. After this, the Decay of Angels lays low a month after the Rats of the House of the Dead's Cannibalism tactic.[1] Making their presence known to the Armed Detective Agency through brutal, horrific murder of four government officials within a single week.[1] However, as horrific as they are, they are symbolic to the Buddhist Cycle of Existence.[1] Having shown four of the five 'angel', it is implied a fifth murder will soon take place.

With their intelligence and abilities, the Angels, particularly Gogol, succeeded in infiltrating and impersonating government members of the Special Ability Department, securing intel and cover-ups of deeper details of their actions later uncovered by Ango Sakaguchi. Even so, they've manipulated and swayed members, including one of the Ministry of Justice, and likely several others.[1]

With Oguri in their clutches, The Perfect Crime stops working. Evidence of several hundreds of crimes come to light. Especially those of Port Mafia, leading to the arrest of Osamu Dazai over his days as a mafia executive.[1]

With their hold over several government departments, the Decay of Angels target the Armed Detective Agency's downfall and total destruction.[1]

The Special Abilities Department's Director Taneda is attacked by an unknown member. The unknown member has the ability to exchange information the Angels wants to know most with information their enemies want to know most. That is, a 'trade' of vital information. Consequently, the Angels now have intel on the 'Book'.[2]

Known Members

Name Ability Status
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Alive
Nikolai Gogol Dead Souls Deceased


  • The Decay of Angels gets its name from Yukio Mishima's novel Decay of the Angel.


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