Cannibalism Part IV is the 48.5th chapter of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga.

Chapter 48.5
Chapter 48.5
English Title

Cannibalism Part Iv

Volume 12
Page Number 16
Chapter 47.5


Ranpo, Yosano, Kenji, Kunikida and Atsushi are seen in a truck waiting as they pick up Tanizaki and Kyouka. Tanizaki is badly bruised as Yosano examines him. Ranpo tells everyone that they can either fight or choose to retreat. Everyone except Kunikida head off as Kunikida is still badly affected by the incident that took place beforehand. Ranpo tells Kunikida that Fyodor wanted to break him first as he was the strongest and the most virtuous in the Agency. Ranpo then leaves. Atsushi decides to chase after the mastermind as Ranpo requested Katai to investigate the Rats in the House of the Dead.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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