Cannibalism Part III is the 48th chapter of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga.


The Black Lizard Commanders come to interrogate Tanizaki. Tachihara asks if he knows how they deal with hostages. Tanizaki asks if they will kill him. But Hirotsu says no and says that they will become a spy for the Mafia instead. Tanizaki says that he wouldn't, even if they threatened him. But Hirotsu suddenly mentions that they have Naomi. Tanizaki's eyes widen and says that if they lay a hand on Naomi, that he would murder them all. Using his ability, Tanizaki manages to escape. He then runs to the top floor where Mori is. Tanizaki holds up a knife to stab Mori. Back at the Agency, Fukuzawa's eyes open, only to be in Anne's Room. Lucy tells him not to move, but he does so anyway. Fukuzawa then holds up a shaky hand and tells Lucy to protect the balance and peace of Yokohama over his life. Tanizaki was about to stab Mori, only to be stopped by Golden Demon. Kouyou says that she is reluctant to stab one of Kyouka's comrades as Tanizaki uses his ability. Golden Demon is about to stab Tanizaki when Kyouka burst in. Kyouka then grabs Tanizaki and leaves. Kouyou's subordinates begin to shoot at Kyouka but she tells them to stop for the fear of shooting Kyouka.

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