Cannibalism Part I is the 47th chapter of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga.

Chapter 47
Chapter 47
English Title

Cannibalism Part I

Volume 12
Page Number 17
Chapter 46
Chapter 48


Yosano watches over Fukuzawa. She then goes out of the room to tell the rest of the Agency about the result. Tanizaki then says to save the Director, by killing the boss of the Mafia. Kunikida agrees, but says that with Dazai in the hospital that it is impossible without him. Kunikida asks where Ranpo is. Yosano tells him that he is with the Director. Atsushi suddenly bursts in telling them that the Mafia has surrounded the building. Kunikida panics, but Ranpo comes in and tells him to calm down. Ranpo says that he heard Fukuzawa to get a hold of themselves. Ranpo then points to Kunikida and says that he is the temporary Director, and to give them instructions. The Agencies Main Force come out to defend the hospital. Chuuya then commands the Mafia's main force to come out too.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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