Chapter 4 cover art
Chapter 4

ヨコハマ ギヤングスタア パラダヰス (後編) Yokohama Gyangusutaa Paradaisu (Kouhen)

English Title

Yokohama Gangsta, Paradise Part 2

Volume 1
Page Number 53
Chapter 3
Chapter 5

Yokohama Gansta Paradise Part 2 is the 4th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Atsushi, Tanizaki, and Naomi are trying to fight against Higuchi, but Naomi is gunned down protecting her brother and Tanizaki is stabbed by Akutagawa using his ability Rashomon. Atsushi then fights against Akutagawa using his ability, but before the fight could be concluded they are stopped by Dazai. It's revealed that someone put a seven billion yen bounty on Atsushi's head, and that Dazai used to be in the Mafia.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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