Q is the 25th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Atsushi is seen waiting for Haruno and Naomi to arrive from the train. Haruno and Naomi finally arrive and explain to Atsushi on how shocked they were for the Guild to target the Agency's clerks. Back with Dazai, Higuchi reveals that Mori has released Q from confinement. Haruno and Naomi then introduce the young boy they bumped into on the train. The young boy then bumps into Atsushi but turns around giving him a smile that instantly freezes Atsushi up. The boy (Q) lifts up a doll and the dolls tears its face apart, meaning his mind-control ability is in action. Haruno then begins to choke Atsushi. Atsushi then hits Haruno leaving her on the ground. Naomi then comes behind Atsushi to attack him. Atsushi turns around and grabs Naomi by the neck. Dazai then rushes back and yells at Atsushi. Atsushi realizes what he has done and drops Naomi. Atsushi stutters, shocked that he was the only one being fooled. Dazai lifts up Q's doll and nullifies his ability. Q is seen on another train calling Dazai's new friends weak. The train passes by, while Atsushi is still numb from what has happened and begins to cry. Dazai then slaps Atsushi and tells him not to pity himself or life will become and endless nightmare.

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