Grapes of Wrath Ripened in the Eye Part 2 is the 24th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Haruno and Naomi are running away when they notice the train that Tanizaki spoke of. The scene cuts back to Kunikida and Tanizaki getting strangled by Lovecraft. Kunikida remarks that an ability shouldn't be this strong. Lovecraft asks if they should kill them. Steinbeck wonders would they need 4 hostages. Steinbeck then plunges his vines down into the ground to entangle Naomi and Haruno again. Steinbeck then suddenly calls out to Tanizaki that he'll be borrowing his little sister. Tanizaki then gives him a death glare and asks what would he do with her. Kunikida yells at him that what they're doing is unbelievable. Steinbeck turns around and sees a truck heading their way and realizes that it would be bad if anyone saw their current situation. Thanks to Light Snow, truck drifts out of its lane and crashes into Steinbeck and Lovecraft, and Kunikida and Tanizaki are freed from the tentacles. Naomi and Haruno are also freed and they jump onto the train. Steinbeck and Lovecraft were about to pursue them when the local police arrive. Steinbeck surrenders and sighs. Tanizaki and Kunikida hide behind the trees as Steinbeck and Lovecraft are held into custody. Back at the Agency, Dazai is seen to be teasing a dog. Atsushi asks him where Naomi and Haruno are. Dazai says that they should be arriving on the next train. On the train, Naomi and Haruno are walking down the aisle when they bump into a boy. Haruno apologizes and the boy turns around. He asks them if they are hurt. Dazai suddenly gets a bad feeling and walks off to be met by Gin and Higuchi. Gin points her knife at Dazai and Higuchi comes out, with a gun aimed at him also. Dazai sees through their intentions and they both let go of their weapons. Higuchi passes down a message by Mori; if Dazai would be interested in joining the Port Mafia again.

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