The Strategy of Conflict is the 22nd chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Haruno is seen to be admiring her cat, Mii-chan on her laptop until Naomi interrupts. The scene cuts back to Chuuya talking down the Agency's security cameras one by one. Chuuya then taunts the Agency and tells them to bring someone out to him, and so Yosano and Kenji some out. Yosano then asks Chuuya what the Mafia's true intentions are. Chuuya shows them a photograph of two members of the Guild; Steinbeck and Lovecraft. Yosano then threatens Chuuya while Kenji comes rushing towards him with a piece of train railing. Chuuya dodges and comes rushing back towards Kenji punching him. Yosano then comes behind him to hit him, but Chuuya dodges, hanging downwards from the wall. Yosano then realizes who he is. Fukuzawa speaks through the speaker to ask what the Mafia are planning to do. Ranpo sees through what Chuuya says and understands everything. It turns out that the Mafia is using the Agency's clerks as bait to lure out the Guild. The Agency then contact Kunikida and Tanizaki to go head to head with the Guild.

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