A Lemon is the 20th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Elise is coloring while Mori plays darts while planning their move against the Guild. Mori misses every single dart and Elise says that he sucks. Mori then steals one of her crayons and begins to write a letter to the Guild. On a ship, Mitchell is seen to be giving orders, while Hawthorne sits and reads the Bible. Mitchell glares at him, to which Hawthorne tells her to stop bothering him. Mitchell gets annoyed and uses her ability to rip apart his book. Mitchell asks him if he has forgotten their purpose on the ship to which Hawthorne retorts that she is the one who has forgotten. The two begin to glare at each other before they are interrupted by one of their subordinates that have a letter. Hawthorne snatches the letter which turns out to be from Mori. Hawthorne asks his subordinates when they will be finished loading the cargo. He then tells them to get it done in 30 minutes. Mitchell and Hawthorne begin to argue when they get interrupted once again by a suspicious man. It turns out to be a Motojirou Kajii. Hawthorne remarks that the mafia is a 'sloppy organization' and uses his ability on Kajii. Hawthorne then throws one of Kajii's lemon bombs at him, but to his surprise he survives. Kajii then explains what his ability really is and begins to bomb the entire ship. Mitchell and Hawthorne then escape. They then met the Senior Secretary to which Mitchell exclaims that he is still alive. But it turns out to be a dummy, filled with lemon bombs and Hawthorne yells at her to watch out. Hawthorne then uses the Scarlet Letter to protect her, but then Mitchell is stabbed by Akutagawa.

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