An Occupation That Does Not Suit Her is the 14th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


After the ship Atsushi was kidnapped on sank, Higuchi set out on a boat to find Akutagawa. He had suffered many injuries from his fight with Atsushi and is currently in a coma. However, the Mafia boss isn't very sympathetic to the situation, saying that it's the result of failure. He informs Higuchi that the shipping company Akutagawa massacred has reformed and is looking for revenge, making him a liability. He asks her if this job actually suits her.

While in the bathroom, Higuchi is sneaked up on by Black Lizard, who tells her to be cautious of hitmen, and that they don't obey her because of her rank, but out of fear and respect for Akutagawa.

At home, Higuchi receives an alert that the shipping company has kidnapped Akutagawa. Without hesitating, she storms the building they're in alone and ambushes them, getting injured in the process. At the last moment, Black Lizard shows up to help her out. She reaches Akutagawa, who thanks her.

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