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  • Calcioite

    As discussed in the 5/29/16 Community Corner announcement, the permissions and rules regarding how pages can be edited have undergone a serious change. Due to the absolute SHEER amount of people we have been getting who are making joke edits the wiki is being changed to combat these issues.

    Previously, I followed a guideline where anyone who made joke edits anonymously would instantly get a block for a variable amount of time depending on how many edits they made and gave registered users warning if they were to make one. Unfortunately, the amount of blocked users on this wiki got to such a ridiculous amount that the system had to be changed to deal with this honestly startling amount of immaturity. The first change is that it will be impos…

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  • Calcioite

    Hello everyone! I wanted to make a blog post to talk about some things/changes to the wiki and a decision to help keep things uniform for future edits. There are a few points that I wanted to talk about and ask people for their opinion on, but I'll try to make sure it doesn't get to long. (There's a TLDR at the bottom of the post)

    One of the first things I wanted to ask about is the spelling/translation of names, because of some recent edits changing the page names, names of characters don't match up as they had before. So I wanted to ask how people would like to have characters names romanized on the wiki, so that I may have a reference to keep all the names uniform on the pages instead of possibly having 2-3 different ways a character's nam…

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  • Calcioite

    Concerning a new Admin.

    August 27, 2015 by Calcioite

    For the users who have helped to edit the wiki recently, 

    I'm not sure how many people who have edited on the wiki in the last few weeks have noticed that the admin for this wiki has been gone for a long period of time. Since the wiki is still beginning and has a lot of work left to go, not having an admin currently greatly hinders some of the changes that need to be made to wiki. I made a post directed to the admin about some of the changes that need to be made, but was never responded to. Since there is no indication that the admin will be returning, I want to discuss the issue of a new admin with the other users.

    If any of the recent editors wants to become admin or has any ideas I would love to talk about it. I myself am interested in ap…

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